What better way to make a living than to help promote health and wellness in our community?

We feel privileged to be a part of the natural therapy community where we are afforded the opportunity to help positively impact our clients lives on a daily basis. That side, we operate in a highly competitive marketplace with an ever-increasing dropout rate amongst therapists.


We welcome you to consider becoming a Yumeiho therapist. Train under Australia’s only qualified Yumeiho instructor to position yourself with a unique market difference over other musculoskeletal therapists.


Become a ‘one stop shop’ expert in the treatment of musculoskeletal issues.


Expand your scope of practice to include specific joint based work.


Refer less/attract More. As an expert in your field with greater diversity in your therapy you will be in a position to help your clients further, achieve better longer lasting results, attract greater word of mouth and have less need to refer to other musculoskeletal therapists.








Full personal Yumeiho training 

from $1,990

2-day Yumeiho workshops


An introduction to Yumeiho therapy workshop covering the treatment of commonly presenting extremity joint problems.



Get your spot now for only $450

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Full Yumeiho training (for min. 4 participants)

Level 1 / Dan 1          $990

6-day training

Level 2 / Dan 2          $990  

3-day training


Level 1-2 / Dan 1-2   $1,100  for experienced therapists

6-day training

Level 3 / Dan3           $990

2-day training

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Yumeiho Therapist 5th dan

Director of Yumeiho Australia

Tibor trained at Yumeiho Center Japan – International Institute of Preventive Medicine.

Previous to his training in Yumeiho, Tibor felt from his work as a massage therapist that clients would experience a more comprehensive relief if he had the tools to effectively address joint restriction issues.

He realised that his client’s muscle and joint problems appeared to coexist. It was difficult to know which was the primary issue, was the muscle leveraging the joint or the joint interfering with the muscle.

This lead Tibor on a journey of the worlds body work techniques where he arrived at Yumeiho therapy, which addresses both. He now enjoys a modality within which he can offer both deep tissue and joint mobilisation techniques.



Alternate Director of Yumeiho Australia

Wayne Sibson is a former state president of the Australian osteopathic association and has published research in osteopathic peer reviewed journals.


Wayne has undertaken post graduate training in spinal manipulation, flexion distraction therapy, dorn method and various soft tissue therapies. As a fellow long term back pain sufferer,Wayne is driven to investigate and source the best therapies available to achieve longer lasting pain relief for his patients.

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