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If you have been frustrated with your current treatment approach and would like to expand your scope of practice, book your spot now and we will show you how you can incorporate this gentle approach to musculoskeletal pain into your practice.

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Full course 2015

"Thanks Tibi. I think I can speak on behalf of all of us that the course was success. I enjoyed your attention to detail and both experiencing and delivering Yumeiho Therapy. I will continue to practise the traditional technique with my family and friends and use the table version with some of my clients. Steve will be the Yumeiho Guru in our clinic. Look forward to completing second dan in the future.
King regards,"

Robert Claridge
Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy) 



Full course 2015

"The Yumeiho course run by Tibi was one of the most enjoyable courses I have ever been on period. Tibi’s jovial, friendly nature coupled with the awesome content of the course made it an awesome experience. I am hoping to reproduce the experience as soon as possible, when I get the rest of my Staff to also train in Yumeiho under the expert guidance of Tibi. I have already started using Yumeiho in my practice and am finding results for my clients that I have not previously been able to achieve! Thank you!"

​Anthony Phoenix and Kathy Menon
Remedial Massage Therapists



Full course 2017

"This course has been an incredible experience. It was extremely arduous at some points due to the Condensed nature of the content being taught over four days, but Tibi's incredible patience helped to get us through the hard times. Overall I feel very positive about Yumeiho, and would recommend both the treatment and the course to those interested."

Dominic and Uki



Personal training 2016

"I feel finally finished one step at moment.
As you know, you are competent teacher/practitioner and nice person, I really enjoyed spending time with you.  It is deep work and just I start scratch the surface of it but good things about it, I really enjoy doing it.  :-)

Thank you so much for guidance, patience, accurate explanation and nice session you gave me.  Was great experience."    

Asa Yanagi



Full course 2017

"I want to commend Tibi on his practical competency based teaching method of the recent course in the Gold Coast Hinterland of Yumeiho therapy. He was very attentive individually to how each student applied the technique. His polite direction, and his confident and competent, yet also humble approach and demeanour make learning from him a very charming and helpful experience. We all laughed a lot and learned a lot as well. Thankyou Tibi for your wonderful teaching of this wonderful technique.
I am looking forward to using it in my practice with my clients."

Kind Regards,


Kyle Grimshaw-Jones
B.App.Sc.(TCM), Dip.App.Sc.(Nat), ND, RT




Personal training 2016

"The training was great thank you. You were a great teacher, I feel like I have learnt a lot. My toes, ankles and knees feeling better :-) I loved the course and learning new things. Thank you again for your time."

Alexander Drake
Myotherapist, Melbourne 

Rules of examinations for the seven dans of Yumeiho Threpay 

according to Ozaki Hisayuki Director of Yumeiho Centre in Japan


Examining and certification of the seven grades (Dan 1-7.)


Yumeiho Courses Rules

Grade 1 / Dan 1Shokyu – shodan yumeihoshi – person on the beginning of the learning process, who is simply learning by watching more experience practitioners. 

Normally, if we were to teach beginners with no manual therapy experience a slower, more gradual approach to Yumeiho training would be required.

In Australia we only teach Yumeiho Therapy to registered and experienced health practitioners such as remedial therapists, myotherapists, bowen therapists, acupuncturists, physio therapists, etc.

In recognition of this fact, and after special negotiations with Ozaki Hisayuki 7th Dan and head of Yumeiho in Japan, I have been formally authorised by Yumeiho Headquarters in Japan to teach both the first and second level of Yumeiho together in a single special accelerated course, and to award the participants of this accelerated course with an official Yumeiho Diploma Grade 2.

Grade 2 / Dan 2 Shokyu – nidan yumeihoshi – that is level given to practitioner, who can already practice on clients. After passing the exam for Dan 2 a therapist has 15 months to achieve Dan 3 in Yumeiho therapy to be entitle to obtain a valid license.


Grade 3 / Dan 3 Chukyu – sandan yumeiho renshi – is a first stage of being independent and fully licensed Yumeiho therapist. From this “dan” therapist is getting professional experience and actually there is no need in gaining higher qualification unless particular therapist is interested in becoming Yumeiho Therapy teacher.   


Grade 4 / Dan 4 Chukyu – yondan yumeiho renshi – will be assisting on the courses as well as supporting his/her clients on regular basis.


Grade 5 / Dan 5 Jokyu – godan yumeiho kyoshi – that is a first exam, that has to be passed in Yumeiho Institute in Japan and very likely therapist with 5 dan has chosen a teaching path.


Grade 6 / Dan 6 Jokyu – rokudan yumeiho kyoshi, shihandai – means that therapist is active not only in his/her business but is contributing actively to the organisation.


Grade 7 / Dan 7 Shihan – nanadan yumeiho hanshi, shihan – the highest and very prestige “dan” that is given to Yumeiho teachers, who are working for Yumeiho organisation and dedicate their professional life to promote Yumeiho worldwide. 

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