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Judit Madar (Manly)

9 treatment within 2 month - 12/2015

​"I love the hands of Tibi. Why? With the Yumeiho technique he gives me every time the kind of massage that relaxes me and to my body the adjustments that it needs. I feel that having now regularly Yumeiho prevents pains and discomfort in the future. I can only say if you haven't tried it before book your first appointment to Tibi!"
Judit Madar

Mirela Zimonjic (Sydney)

11  treatment within 2 month - 11/2015

For several years I have suffered neck and shoulder pain, often resulting in headaches. After a particularly stressful time at work I had a Yumeiho massage with Tibi. Within several visits, I noticed significant reduction in shoulder and neck tension, and my headaches significantly reduced.
Tibi is a very skilled in detecting the sources of pain and skillfully relieving tension. His Yumeiho treatments have greatly enhanced quality of my life and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone suffering chronic neck and shoulder pain.
Thank you!

Robert Jurkiewicz (Sydney)

8 treatment within 2 month - 08/2016

"I was suffering from lower back pain, piriformis syndrome and lumbar disc hernia untill I got the first four massage treatments with Tibi. After 8 massage sessions my problems improved a lot and all the pain eased. After 20 sessions I am very happy to say that I got a new back. I can feel my body's transform. I can work again without any medicine. Sometimes the treatments were like a „torture” but I still alive. Really worth it!
Well, my wife is the next now. Monika! You turn!
I highly recommend Tibi’s massage therapies.

Gitta Szanyel (Emerton)

10 treatment within 2 month - 09/2015
"Best professional massage I have ever had. I had a chronic muscle tightness in my lower back. Tibi not only tuned right into the troublesome area, but really helped to loosen it up with his skilled and tune in to deep tissue work. He is honest on problem areas and methodically works to fix the problem. But in addition his advice and insights regarding my condition have led me to take other steps to heal my body. I would recommend him if you are considering massage to alleviate pain and assist you on your path to better health. Yumeiho consist of diverse massage techniques osteoarticular readjusment and gentle sterching manipulations all of them intended to re balance the body. I have been a regular client for over a year and I  am very happy. I highly recommend Tibi. He is a true professional. I am glad that I found him.''   ​Gitta

Beatrix Turi (Neutral Bay)

8 treatment within 2 month - 10/2016

"Thank you, Tibi. I purely just love this treatment because of no more stiff muscles and joints after that. As a mom, I have never had enough time to stretch and the way I feel myself after this session is wonderful. He is not just a good guy, he is also a well - trained therapist.

Highly recommended!" 


Ferenc Koperniczky (Coogee)

12 treatment within 2 month - 12/2015

​"Yumeiho massage is a unique combination of the carefully chosen most beneficial elements of a number of eastern massages. For me nothing proves more the benefits of this Japanese massage than the way it has healed my joint problems. More doctors warned me that there is no remedy for my joint problems and my pain will get only worse. As they said "these kind of joint issues are coming with the age and are not avoidable". Miraculously yumeiho massage managed to heal my joints and I have no pain any more. I truly recommend it!"
Ferenc (Kopy)

Adam (Mosman)

12 treatment within 2 month - 07/2016

"My son Adam is 9 years old and has quite a few health issues. One of the biggest concerns is asthma, which started when he was three years old. He also has food and dust mite allergies which trigger his asthma. The volume and frequency of the medication (Ventolin) has increased over the last 5 years. I had to sleep with him to make sure he’s breathing o.k. especially in cold months when he caught cold/flu one after another. I started making a food diary and recorded the medication he took in January 2015.
It was mid-March 2016, when I knocked on Tibi’s door.
I was so desperate that I blabbed Adam’s health problem for the good 10 minutes. He listened to all of them carefully, and said “Well, at least I can try to reduce his asthma.” With compassionate and a friendly smile, he said he would try once a week, half an hour session. I was so thankful, but not sure if a mere massage could work miracles.
Just before the 8th session with Tibi, Adam caught a bad cold. It usually means tonnes of Ventolin puffer, day and night. For sure, he was absent from school the whole week, but he needed in total of 16 puffs!!!
Last year, he had 198 puffs in May.
This year…, 16 puffs in total!!!

He hasn’t touched Flixotide, Nasonex Jr, or Prednisone since he received Tibi’s session!! Recently, he caught a cold, but didn’t need any medication, which was unthinkable last year. These days, I can sleep through the whole night as well as Adam. He’s more confident overall, trying new sports etc. I noticed he’s breathing through his nose better, and he’s concentrating more at school as well. Every day, I’m amazed what a big change Tibi’s massage made to our life!!"  Rika Tateishi (Adam's mother)

Sarah Pike (Kingsford)

6 treatment within 2 month - 11/2015
"I have had ongoing lower back issues for 3+ years. I was unable to lie on my stomach as my pelvis would sublekate and if I lay on my back, my lower back would seize and spasm. I didn't know if I would ever be fully fit and healthy again and to top it off, my inability to lie on my stomach, meant I couldn't enjoy a great massage or treatment. Tibi was understanding of my nervousness to lay down and get moving, so much so that our first few sessions were spent with me getting up to walk around every few minutes. I am exstatic to report that I now enjoy a full 90 minutes on the mat and my back hasn't felt this great in years. I highly recommend Tibi and the Yumeiho technique. Tibi has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and gives me exercises and stretches to take home. Not a muscle or joint in my body feels neglected when we have finished."  Thank you, Sarah. 

Alicia Jacenko (Kingsford)

7 treatment within 2 month - 01/2016

“Tibi has been massaging me with Yumeiho technique for a couple of months now, and since I have begun I have had a lot less headaches and upper neck pain which I used to struggle with a lot. I like the wholistic way he treats the body and I look forward to my massages as I know when they are finished I will have been re-set and will feel refreshed. I would definitely recommend him to others who have ongoing aches and pains!”


Andras Vekony (Mosman)

12 treatment within 2 month - 11/2015

"I had massive pain in my neck, lower back and the knee area.
Since I have been having Yumeiho sessions with Tibi, my body is good as new.
Simple just reborn it!
Amazing feeling to exist without pain!
Thanks so much!"


Janos Kiss (Mosman)

9 treatment within 2 month - 01/2016

"I used to go for thai massage regularly to help me losen the thight muscles in my shoulders, arms and back. It helped temporarily but I felt it's not a real solution. This is when I found Tibi and his technique. With Yumeiho therapy my overall condition is getting better session by session. It's not just a massage, it's a therapy. With the help of Tibi my body is naturally healing itself and my muscle pain has gone. Now it's enough if I have a session every 4 weeks to keep up and further enhance the health of my body. Thank you Tibi!"

Constantine Ponus (Sydney)

6 treatment within 2 month - 11/2015

​"Yumeiho treatment is really good compound of massage, acupressure and gentle joint adjusment. I was always having some sport and nerve injuries that has blown away with 2-3 treatments. I recomend that abandon your old habit and start a new life in your "refreshed" body. Yumeiho is more than you expect.!"

Viktoria Bolonina (Sydney)

8 treatment within 2 month - 01/2016

"I have been to about 12 Yumeiho massage therapies and it has completely restructured my back. When before therapy I had severe upper and lower back pains, even have been paralised a few times, now I feel almost no pain at all in those same areas. I have not had any paralised incidents and can exercise more effectively. Yumeiho therapy has adjusted my body allignment and posture. I feel more alert and the absense of the previous tensions have made me a much more happier person! Tibi is a professional and I would recommend him to anyone! 5 stars!"

Monika Polcsany (Brisbane)

6 treatment within 2 month - 01/2016

"I have tried out lots of different massages in my life but the Yumeiho was the only one that worked out well for me. I have got many misalignments into my body Twisted hipbone twisted sacrum twisted pubic area twisted shoulder etc. They coused inflammations attacked my organs as well and I had many bleeding organs too. Furthermore terrible nerve pain and skull pain with many numbing spots. Yumeiho easily treated them. Yumeiho treatments helped me to stand up from the weelchair after my last Marathon. 
Gorgeous technique nothing compares to this but unfortunately no practitioner in Brisbane that's why I can't return to my active life. But good luck Sydney guys. Yumeiho is great!"


Noemi & Krisztian (Brisbane)

2x6 treatment within 2 month - 12/2015

"We tried out different kind of massages and chiropractors and finally we found the one who was able to free our body from pain. Tibi has a high knowledge of the whole body and a true passion for what he does. Because of the positive results and outcome we can recommend him from our hearts. His professional, experienced hands will give you a new body and his friendly attitude will provide extra energy for your mind as well. Thank you Tibi we are lucky to know you.

We love Yumeiho technique!"
Noemi & Krisztian​

Dora Dutka (Maroubra)

6 treatment within 2 month - 11/2015

"I would like to highly recommend Tibor's Yumeiho massage.
I have had problems with my shoulder for at least 2 months now ,- after my first session the pain is totally gone. 
Professional therapist & nice person aswell!"

Thank you!


Matthew Reid (North Ryde)

8  treatment within 2 month - 10/2015

"Tibi was with me every day for my ultra marathon for kids. I ran from Melbourne to Sydney. I ran a marathon every day, if it wasn't for the massages I would have not made it. He is the best!"

Thanks a lot,


Kathrin King (Kingsford)

12 treatment within 2 month - 03/2016

"My name is Kathrin, a patient and health professional. In the past years I had ongoing pain and problems with my lower back and right hip. Since been treated by Tibi for the last six month my mobility has improved, my back pain decreased and the flexibility of my hips significantly improved. In other words my body feels fantastic. Due to his holistic approach to remedial massage combined with manual adjustments I no longer need to see a chiropractor or massage therapist. I feel that Tibi provides a personalised treatment with sensitivity, care and real consideration for his clients which make me feel truly looked after. Tibi you are a rare gem. Thank you!" Kathrin, Manager Radiology    


Some of my satisfied clients whose went through minimum 6-12 Yumeiho therapies within 2  months. They were recommended to benefit from Yumeiho therapy on monthly basis as a relaxing and preventive treatment.

Luke Di Michiel (Kingsford)

6 treatment within 2 month - 11/2015

"Tibi has been treating my back pain for past 6 months and I highly recommend him. He is a great guy and his wholistic approach to remedial massage and manual therapy have not only helped my back but my entire body. Yumeiho is fantastic."

Bernadett Csabi (Coogee)

8 treatment within 2 month - 05/2016

"As a massage junkie, I have tried all sorts of massages but Yumeiho is the one that gives me long-lasting results. 
I can not do without my regular sessions any more.  Tibi  puts every little bone back into alignment while relaxing the muscles. He always finds the tense areas even before they start showing painful symptoms.

I love Yumeiho."


Szilvia Nagy (Dee Why)

6 treatment within 2 month - 06/2016

"As a coach and a healer, I am working with people using mental energy and the energy of Creation. To be fit is also very importaint to me, so I regularely do some workout. Since I know Tibi and enjoy his treatments tailored to my actual needs my body is singing. The massage, the stretching and those gentle adjustments what Tibi does using his Yumeiho treatments feel fantastic and uplifting. I highly recommend him to those who really care about their life quality, not only their body."
Szilvia Nagy
ThetaHealing COS and HeartMath Coach

Margaret  Gracey (Cremone)

12 treatment within 2 month - 11/2016

My loveable and pleased client Margaret in her 70s, has been receiving Yumeiho treatment weekly. With regular treatment, the quality of life is significantly increased, allowing the patient to feel younger and balanced.
She is always saying "I certainly do feel boosted"