Yumeiho Australia

Massage, Therapy and Education

W e offer small group 1 or 2 day workshops directed specifically toward Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

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Private training

Grade 1-2 - Dan 1-2 course

Yumeiho Massage – original traditional technique - $2,790

6 day course (two weekends)

Official Japanese Yumeiho Center Diploma will be provided.

Course Size: minimum 4 and maximum 10.

Course will be rescheduled if minimum number of participants is not applied.

To enrol in one of Yumeiho courses, email us to yumeiho.au@gmail.com and request an information kit in either electronic (email) or printed format (posted to you).



Rules of examinations for the seven dans of Yumeiho Threpay 

according to Toshiharu Kitami Director of Yumeiho Centre in Japan

Examining and certification of the seven grades (Dan 1-7.)

Yumeiho Courses Rules

Grade 1 / Dan 1Shokyu – shodan yumeihoshi – person on the beginning of the learning process, who is simply learning by watching more experience practitioners. 

Normally, if we were to teach beginners with no manual therapy experience a slower, more gradual approach to Yumeiho training would be required.

In Australia we only teach Yumeiho Therapy to registered and experienced health practitioners such as remedial therapists, myotherapists, bowen therapists, acupuncturists, physio therapists, etc.

In recognition of this fact, and after special negotiations with Kitami Toshiharu 7th Dan and head of Yumeiho in Japan, I have been formally authorised by Yumeiho Headquarters in Japan to teach both the first and second level of Yumeiho together in a single special accelerated course, and to award the participants of this accelerated course with an official
Yumeiho Diploma Grade 2.

Grade 2 / Dan 2 Shokyu – nidan yumeihoshi – that is level given to practitioner, who can already practice on clients, however all the work is under close and on-going supervision. After passing the exam for Dan 2 a therapist has 15 months to achieve Dan 3 in Yumeiho therapy to be entitle to obtain a valid license.

Grade 3 / Dan 3 Chukyu – sandan yumeiho renshi – is a first stage of being independent and fully licensed Yumeiho therapist. From this “dan” therapist is getting professional experience and actually there is no need in gaining higher qualification unless particular therapist is interested in becoming Yumeiho Therapy teacher. 

Grade 4 / Dan 4 Chukyu – yondan yumeiho renshi – will be assisting on the courses as well as supporting his/her clients on regular basis.

Grade 5 / Dan 5 Jokyu – godan yumeiho kyoshi – that is a first exam, that has to be passed in Yumeiho Institute in Japan and very likely therapist with 5 dan has chosen a teaching path.

Grade 6 / Dan 6 Jokyu – rokudan yumeiho kyoshi, shihandai – means that therapist is active not only in his/her business but is contributing actively to the organisation.

Grade 7 / Dan 7 Shihan – nanadan yumeiho hanshi, shihan – the highest and very prestige “dan” that is given to Yumeiho teachers, who are working for Yumeiho organisation and dedicate their professional life to promote Yumeiho worldwide.

Grade 3 - Dan 3 therapy course

Yumeiho Therapy – original traditional technique

Soon in 2017


We are keen to support therapists in regional centres to spread the benefits of Yumeiho Therapy. 

Course size: max 3-4

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